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I have a CD proffessional quality of my original music 11 songs contemporary praise and worship?. Guitar and piano male and female vocals.Who do I contact to send a copy for cosideration to sell the songs God has blessed me with. thankyou Godbless j.hardy mendoza

My name is j.hardy mendoza you can contact me at email I have 11 original songs God has blessed me with on a Cd i would like to have others perform and record for the publics benefit Godbless sincerly

Hey, We are Torn Perfection, based out of Hamburg, PA. Our style is hard rock/emo. Check us out at:

My name is Bob Davis. I am a Christian
songwriter/performer. Check out my website at

Walter Tissen was born on February 25, 1974 and took piano lessons starting at age 6. Over the years, he added viola, horn and voice lessons. In terms of his education in music theory, he greatly profited from the specialized music major as part of his studies leading up to his secondary-school graduation which provided him the qualification for university entrance. In addition to his formal training, he was able to engage in a lot of learning by doing in various music groups an projects.
Today he himself teaches piano. In his church, he leads a music worship team. Lately he has been involved in the production of various musicals where he served as an actor, singer, composer, songwriter and a choir director.

Walter Tissen is a composer for himself but also for other artists.

Projects he has been involved in up until now include: - musician (keyboards), composer and singer with the music band FRIENDS - music worship band leader at his local church - composer and actor in the musical project DER LAUF (The Race) - composer and actor in the musical project ALS DAS LICHT ZURUECKKEHRTE (When the Light Returned) in 2002 and 2003 - composer for the musical project WO WARST DU? (Where Were You?), concert tour in 2006 (

It is important for Walter Tissen to have his music communicate moods and sentiments or even to create those in the minds of the listeners. In his estimation the essential element in this regard is the message and the desired effect of the music either for its own sake or as a background canvas for another medium (musical, movie, etc.).

Walter Tissen does not hesitate, however, to admit that his passion lies with musical melancholy.

With regard to the style of music, he is totally (well almost totally) flexible. His special love is film music, especially arranged with elements of classical music which can appear in combination with contemporary music and thus be produced using electronic instruments and sounds. Additionally he does not mind pieces of hard rock, metallic sounds, and even black music like HipHop and RnB.

His Faith

"The things and decisions within our life often do not endure very long and do not stay relevant for long. What is important today, seems irrelevant as soon as tomorrow. What really matters are those decisions and actions that stay relevant far beyond this life on earth decisions that make a difference for eternity.

In this regard, there is nothing more important to me than my relationship with my God. I want to be available for him in whatever manner he chooses. I believe in the inerrancy of the Bible which is the best foundation and the secure point of reference for a world that has become anchorless. I believe in Jesus Christ, who gave his life on the cross in order to pay for my guilt and thereby open the direct pathway to God the Father."

Please visit my Webpage:


Thank You & kind regards

Hi my name is Grace Brown. To know something about me please go to my website or or for more details thank you and god bless your wesite also. Grace ps. please pray I get a recording contracts thats my dream. I already got the talent.

Coming from Columbus, Ohio the band Alexander Landing brings a fresh and original acoustic sound accompanied with lyrics driven by their Christian faith. Alexander Landing is Nate Johnson and Mike Martin, who lend a blending of voices not commonly heard in today's music. Acoustic guitar, mandolin, piano, and a variety of percussion instruments provide the backdrop of their potpourri of beautiful melodies.

Nate and Mike met as college students at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio when they were both involved in the Christian organization, Campus Crusade for Christ. They have been writing music together since 1997, performing in coffee houses and churches throughout the midwest along the way.

Nate and Mike pour their hearts into their music and would love to hear what you think. You can listen to their music at:

for booking email:

Hi my name is Jamil Warren and I sing gospel music I really love the lord and i will love if yall write me at

My name is LaMont Walker a Gospel Independent Artist from Fresno, CA


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